Catheter, VTK

The VTK catheter is designed to select the target artery from the aortic arch (Case 1), especially in type II and III. It typically forms without the need of a wire. Its design does not involve advancing it into the target artery; instead, it remains in the aortic arch.

Catheter Specifics



This case illustrates how the VTK catheter can be utilized to select the right ICA.

(A): Advance the VTK catheter into the ascending aorta and gently retract it until the tip (orange arrow) "pops" into the right CCA, as confirmed on this PA roadmap.
(B): Simultaneously captured with (A), this lateral view focuses more rostrally on the CCA and distal cervical ICA.
(C and D): Gently advance the Glidewire tip (black arrow) into the distal cervical ICA (D) to straighten the VTK catheter (C).
(E): Slowly advance the guide catheter, in this case, the Walrus catheter, into the CCA while firmly holding the VTK catheter.
(F): Continue advancing the Walrus until its tip (green arrow) reaches the distal cervical ICA in a stable condition.


This patient has a bovine-type arch, and the VTK catheter makes the selection of the left CCA straightforward.