Artery, Internal Carotid

The internal carotid artery (ICA) is a branch of the common carotid artery, it terminates into Artery, Middle Cerebral and anterior cerebral artery.



This DSA presents an interesting anatomical variation of the right ICA (magenta arrow) terminus, which bifurcates into the inferior M1 (blue arrow) and superior M1 (green arrow). The right ACA (yellow arrow) originates from the superior M1. Alternatively, one may argue that the ICA terminates into an M1 (green arrow) and an A1 (yellow arrow), while there is another M1 originating from the ICA trunk (blue arrow).

Cyan arrow: Posterior communicating artery/posterior cerebral artery.
White arrow: Callosomarginal artery.
Brown arrow: Pericallosal artery.

P.S.: (B) and (C) originate from the same injection, whereas (A) features a slightly different angle.