Neurosurgery Primary Examination Review

Title: Neurosurgery Primary Examination Review
Subtitle: High Yield Questions, Answers, Diagrams, and Tables
Author: Amgad S. Hanna
Category: Medical
Publisher: Thieme
Pages: 472
Publish date: 2018-12-12
Description: Practical Q&A guide enhanced with unique diagrams and tables to ace the ABNS primary exam! Neurosurgery Primary Examination Review: High Yield Questions, Answers, Diagrams, and Tables by Amgad S. Hanna addresses the knowledge gaps in currently existing neurosurgical board study guides. It is based on a collection of highly effective practice questions previously administered to neurosurgical residents at the University of Wisconsin. Each chapter covers two to three topics with 60 multiple choice and matching questions and only one correct answer. The reader-friendly content and layout make it easy to organize and review the complex subject matter in preparation for the ABNS written exam or for educational review. Section I is divided into 20 chapters with questions followed by answer keys. This section covers anatomy, neurology, pathology, radiology, critical care, neurosurgery, and neurobiology. Chapters 17-20 cover comprehensive exam questions and answers across all specialty areas including sarcoidosis, lead toxicity, central neurocytoma, and prion disease. Key Highlights Approximately 600 questions divided into 10 tests cover relevant knowledge for the exam Answer keys include salient information on important differentials More than 60 tables and diagrams provide a practical, self-directed method for organizing and retaining important facts More than 200 high-quality images including radiographs, pathology slides, anatomical drawings, and operative photographs accompany questions and answers This concise textbook is a must-have reference for all neurosurgical residents preparing to sit for the ABNS primary exam. Its format is also ideal for incorporating into the neurosurgical curriculum or as a study guide for the maintenance of certification exams.
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ISBN10: 1626234965
ISBN13: 9781626234963
Rating: ★★★★★
Comment: Q&A review book with excellent diagrams and tables, recommend for late stage review.