Artery, Anterior Choroidal

The anterior choroidal artery (AChA) originates from the ICA, distal to the PCOM. The plexal point marks where it enters the lateral ventricle.[1]



On this right ICA injection, from proximal to distal, the ophthalmic artery (blue arrow), the PCOM (green arrow), and the AChA originate from the intracranial ICA (A). The AChA can be clearly discerned along its course both on the PA (A) and lateral (B and C) views. After making the turn at the plexal point (white arrow), the AChA enters the right lateral ventricle to supply the choroid plexus (red arrow). What seems to be a PCOM origin aneurysm vs. infundibulum on the lateral views is actually the PCOM itself making a turn (D).

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