Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer that you're looking for, feel free to contact us at contact@neurosurgerycases.com.

★ How do I use this website?

The main layout consists of three columns from left to right: site roadmap, article, and page navigation (at the bottom on mobile devices).

★ Why can't I see any image?

All the images are hosted on the website Imgur, which may have been blocked in certain regions[1], by the IT[2] department, or by your ISP[3].

★ What if the images are too small to discern the details?

All the images were uploaded as PNG[4] and are intended to be magnified without losing the pixels. If they were converted to JPG and couldn't be seen well when zoomed in, please feel free to contact us here.

★ I am a teacher and I'd like to use the images for my class.

Please feel free to use any of the images online for noncommercial purposes.
Some of the images have watermarks on. If you are interested in getting a copy without watermarks, you can contact us here.

★ I have a condition that needs medical advice.

Cases presented on this website are for educational and informational purposes only, and do not intend to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. They are all in compliance with HIPPA. The use of this website content does not establish any patient-client relationships. You can read the long disclaimer here.

★ What does the abbreviation stand for?

If you are not sure about an abbreviation, here is the reference.

★ I would like to leave a comment.

A commentary section is located at the bottom of each page, facilitated by the Disqus[5] platform.

Alternatively, you can leave any comments on the Comments page.

★ I have a cool case that I want to share too.

Wanna share your own cases? Contact us here and we can make it happen. :)

★ I really enjoy this website and would love to donate.

We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity. We are coffee lovers. :)

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