Schwannoma, Lumbar Paraspinal



Pelvic MRI without Contrast - Axial T1WI, Axial T2WI, Coronal T1WI, Coronal T2WI

Pelvic MRI T1WI with Contrast - Axial and Coronal

Enhancing right L3-4 and L5-S1 paraspinal lesions consistent with neurofibromas with slight extension into the distal neural foramen but no significant extension into the spinal canal.


Differential Diagnosis

Surgical Intervention

Intraoperative Imaging

Supine position with lower thoracic and abdominal areas exposed.

A right curvilinear incision was proposed and marked.

The tumor was exposed with several nerves draping over the capsule.

Gross specimen of the tumor

Tumor cavity within the capsule.

Tumor capsule was preserved, as well as the nerves attached to it.

The wound was closed with Dermabond.

Post-Op Course


Surgical Techniques

Benign Schwannomas and neurofibromas have different techniques because of different patterns of fascicular involvement.


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