Cervical Rib and TOS



Cervical Spine MRI without Contrast

Cervical Spine CT - Coronal Reconstruction

Cervical Spine CT

Cervical X-ray, PA

Bilateral cervical ribs seen on the plain X-ray film, right (yellow arrow) > left (red arrow).

Differential Diagnosis

Surgical Intervention

Intra-Op Imaging

A vessel loop was used to isolate the upper, middle, and lower trunks, respectively.

This picture is slightly out of focus.

Intra-Op X-ray

From left to right: a clamp was used to identify the cervical rib; the tip of the Penfield No. 4 was at the costovertebral junction of C7; after the resection of the cervical rib.

Post-Op Recovery

Post-Op X-ray

Pre-(left) and Post-(right)Op X-rays