Handbook of Neurosurgery

Title: Handbook of Neurosurgery
Author: Mark S. Greenberg
Category: Medical
Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers
Pages: 1784
Publish date: 2019
Description: "Renowned for its depth and breadth, this updated text with nearly 1,800 pages encompasses the entire spectrum of neurosurgery including anatomy, physiology, differential diagnosis, and current principles of nonsurgical and surgical management. The text covers a huge scope of inherited, developmental, and acquired neurological disorders impacting pediatric to geriatric patients. As with prior editions, this must-have daily reference book makes essential neurosurgical information, current trends, breakthrough research, and reviews readily accessible to all neurosurgeons and allied health practitioners."--from the publisher description.
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ISBN10: 1684201373
ISBN13: 9781684201372
Rating: ★★★★☆
Comment: In the era of the Internet, the value of this book has been drastically depreciated.