Access, Radial

Tips and Tricks


Avoiding Complications



Ultrasound-Guided Radial Artery Puncture

A: Frequently, there is an accompanying vein (red arrow) running alongside the radial artery (yellow arrowhead).
B: Applying gentle pressure on the wrist will cause the vein to collapse, while the artery remains full with pulsations. Observe the slight "upward shift" of both the collapsed vein and the artery (closer to the skin).


CTA Neck

The aberrant right subclavian artery/lusorian artery (red arrow) which can be easily ascertained on CTA neck, is considered a relative contraindication for radial access.[1] Yellow arrow: right CCA. Blue arrow: left CCA. Green arrow: left subclavian artery. Orange arrow: right VA. Pink star: esophagus. White diamond: trachea. (Unfortunately, this is not an ideal study due to the suboptimal timing and contrast contamination in the adjacent veins.)

  1. Radial Access via Aberrant Right Subclavian Artery | ↩︎